• March 27, 2022

We keep to MEOW and just starting to move crypto world!
Catcoin next steps will drive us to the next level and opens our way to conquer crypto world! Catcoin will be soon recognized by all!
Catcoin is the real future of Crypto!

  • CATCOIN main blockchain for now is Binance Smart Chain:

  • As you know we are mainly based on BSC as it’s main blockchain with future Binance Exchange listing in mind!

  • CATCOIN will be listed on other big exchanges before we enter Binance, we will launch on other top exchanges and all info will be announced after negotiations!

  • CATCOIN will be launched soon on Ethereum and Solana! We also keep researching world best blockchain platforms and can add CATCOIN to it in future!

  • CATCOIN on Waves Blockchain Did you know CATCOIN is already multi-blockchain? Did you know CATCOIN officialy was launched first on Waves Blockchain?
    CATCOIN first asset was created on 04.06.2021 – you can check on Waves Explorer:
    CATCOIN will be soon listed officially for sale on Waves.Exchange as additional decentralized exchange! Waves also gives us additional benefits like integration with Telegram!

  • CATCOIN is integrated with Telegram and we start test of $CAT integration!
    Did you know you can use CATCOIN Integrated on Telegram?
    Now you can easy send and tip CATCOIN to all Telegram users and friends using Telegram! With ZERO fees at all! It is easy and fun to use!
    Check on our official CATCOIN Group on Telegram: using official CATCOIN TIPPING BOT:
    Join us on Telegram Group and we will TIP you some CATCOIN to start! To tip and send just simply reply to someone post and write in reply for example: tip 100 CATCOIN – to tip 100 CATCOIN to user! To receive CATCOIN users need to create account and connect it with their Telegram account on official H2OX website:
    CATCOIN is also officialy listed on H2OX Website:

  • Our main goal is to create our own CATCOIN CHAIN – independent blockchain for all CAT PROJECTS in future!

  • First CATCOIN App is under development! More info about it will be revealed soon! We like to be on all platforms and devices!

  • First CATCOIN Game is under development too! We like to develop series of CAT games! More exciting news will be announced too!

  • New exciting original CATCOIN NFTs is coming too! You can buy CATCOIN NFT using official website:
    We currently using Open Sea integration for CATCOIN NFTS!

    We also working on CATCOIN PROJECTS that will be launched soon:
  • CATCOINSHOP – Big online shop where you can buy everything with CATCOIN! Gadgets will be first, then we will introduce any kind of products and services to buy using CATCOIN!
  • CATCOINPAY – We will introduce system for online payments using CATCOIN! Also this will be directory for all online shops, businesses who already accept CATCOIN as payments system!
  • BUYCATCOIN – Easy, fast and secure for all kind of users web app where you can buy CATCOIN!
  • CATS FUND – CATCOIN is one of main founder and partner of GLOBAL CHARITY CATS FOUNDATION!

Marketing is also very important for us and we already start to work and test many different solutions – you can check results on CATCOIN OFFICIAL Telegram Group and Telegram Channel, we also starting to promote and create CATCOIN Instagram Account – already 160K subscribers!
We will also working with many known influencers and companies from all around the World to spread news about CATCOIN! Prepare to be part of soon launched CATCOIN ARMY – Community for all interested in promotion of CATCOIN!

More CATCOIN PROJECTS to be announced in near future! MEOW!

CATCOIN is no ordinary crypto project – we aim to the top!
CATCOIN is the Future of Crypto!

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