• March 1, 2022

MEOW! We have news for CATCOIN HODLERS!

As you know CATCOIN is now listed on COINGECKO:, and we waiting for final CoinMarketCap confirmation of listing, it’s just matter of time.

Right now we negotiate Exchanges Listings – we have more than 10 propositions we working right now to choose best option for project. Our main goal will be entering Binance and Coinbase, all in right time, step by step.

CATCOIN main purpose is to be number 1 $CAT Crypto in the World! We like to get to the TOP Crypto and we believe it will be possible in the coming years.

Let we tell you more about what we preparing with CATCOIN and why our project is so special!

In the coming months we will reveal and develop lot of CATCOIN PROJECTS, all of them will create very unique and innovative CATCOIN ECOSYSTEM!

We like to get world attention and create Crypto that will be easy to use for everyone and also got a lot more of usability than any of other MEME Coin. CATCOIN is POWER MEME COIN and we name it for purpose, with all innovative projects we will introduce it can be totally game changer for the Crypto World!

In next months we will create:

  • CATCOINSHOP – Big online shop where you can buy everything with CATCOIN! Gadgets will be first, then we will introduce any kind of products and services to buy using CATCOIN!
  • CATCOINPAY – We will introduce system for online payments using CATCOIN! Also this will be directory for all online shops, businesses who already accept CATCOIN as payments system!
  • BUYCATCOIN – Easy for all kind of users web app where you can fast and secure buy CATCOIN!

Marketing is also very important for us and we already plan to work with many known influencers and companies from all around the World to spread news about CATCOIN to the World! Prepare to be part of newly created CATCOINARMY – Community for Shillers and People interested in promotion of CATCOIN!

MEOW! Exact dates of each project launch will be announced soon!

Stay in touch with us!

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