CATCOIN Next Developments

  • April 11, 2022

MEOW! We moving forward!

After contract improvements and fixes we now have passed MarketMove Audit which can be checked online at any time:

We also improved CATCOIN tx fees which is now on normal level and CATCOIN is much easier to buy by anyone using Pancakeswap.

This is important step for next moves for with all CATCOIN Projects Launching.

We working on publishing first CATCOIN Ecosystem Projects we already mentioned – CATCOIN PAY, BUY CATCOIN, CATCOIN SHOP, CATS FUND and other projects which will be published and introduced when ready step by step very soon now! Be ready to test new features!

There are ongoing working on first Beta CATCOIN App which will be also huge step forward for project.

After weeks of testing of first CATCOIN Marketing we gathered data and experience to introduce more successful marketing actions to get more people onboard and new investors for CATCOIN. This will also be introduced in next days and can change a lot!

MEOW with us and buy CATCOIN when still so cheap! We are still on this very early stage.

First CATCOIN Projects are coming and will be published very soon now! MEOW!

You can also read our earlier post about whats coming next: