Cats Fund – Charity Foundation for CATCOIN Ecosystem

  • March 4, 2022
Cats Fund

MEOW! CATCOIN is created by Cats and Cats Lovers – we have 3 amazing cats in our team! Our project is fully CAT focused and we like to help real cats worldwide. Thats why we partnered and are one of the founder of Cats Fund – charity global organization that will be helping cats worldwide. Cats Fund main mission is to create better world for cats and humans.

1% from every CATCOIN transaction goes to special charity wallet which will be used in future when CATCOIN price will be much higher to funding CATS FUND.

MEOW! Every time you using CATCOIN you helping with each transaction to create world much more Cat Friendly!

Cats Fund will be also global cat knowledge portal, where you can find high quality articles about cats and how to improve cat – human relations all around the world.

Working together with CATCOIN, projects will use cooperation and global coverage to bring more people to both projects, meaning more CATCOIN users and more people aware and helping cats globally.

CATCOIN is made together by REAL CATS and CAT LOVERS. We know what Cats needs, thats why we will help to improve Cats and Human relations globally and make them happier together!

More information is coming soon! MEOW!

CATCOIN Official Website: