📢 Important Announcement: Catcoin Trading on PancakeSwap Temporarily On Hold

  • January 17, 2024

Dear Catcoin Community,

MEOW! We hope you’re as excited about the ongoing Catcoin sale as we are! Your support means the world to us. We have an important update to share regarding trading on PancakeSwap during the sale period.

🚫 Temporary Hold on PancakeSwap Trading: Due to the incredible demand during our sale, we’ve decided to temporarily pause trading on PancakeSwap. This decision is aimed at maximizing the success of our sale and ensuring a fair opportunity for all Catcoin enthusiasts to participate.

⏸ What This Means:

  • During the sale, there is a temporary 50% tax on PancakeSwap transactions. This measure is in place to encourage our community to participate in the sale on our official website, Catcoin.me, where you can buy Catcoin without the additional tax.

🚀 Focus on Sale Success: The temporary hold on PancakeSwap trading is a strategic move to concentrate on the sale, gather funds, and strengthen Catcoin’s position in the market. After the sale concludes, trading on PancakeSwap will resume without the additional tax.

📈 What You Can Do Now:

  • Purchase Catcoin directly from our official website Catcoin.me. It’s the best way to secure your Catcoin without incurring the temporary 50% tax.
  • After purchasing, hold tight! Once the sale period ends, trading on PancakeSwap will be back to normal, and you can enjoy the benefits of your Catcoin without any additional fees.

🌐 Stay Informed: We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the sale and any developments regarding PancakeSwap trading via our official channels. For real-time updates, join us on Catcoin Official X Account.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Let’s make Catcoin history together!

MEOW to the moon! 🌙🚀

Warm regards, The Catcoin Team